Weather conditions need to be constantly monitored in offshore operations. Not only are offshore platforms susceptible to high winds and frequent severe storms, the weather also affects the sea itself, creating wind waves and swell. The stronger the wind, the stronger the effects on the sea and the greater the potential danger to the offshore platform and its workers.

Our expert team will supply, install and maintain a range of sensors that meet the standards required by the ICAO, with particular reference to CAP 437, including wind, T/RH, pressure, cloud height, visibility and sea state. The information from this equipment is then presented to the radio operator in a format that is quick and easy to understand.

A Close Working Relationship

With considerable experience of weather system installations both on and offshore, our engineers have the necessary expertise and the required qualifications, medical certificates, and insurances, to work safely offshore. All equipment is fully tested in our lab prior to being despatched. Skyview will then work with your Barge Engineer and Electrical Technician before installation to ensure all works are completed as efficiently as possible. The full system commissioning is undertaken prior to handover with comprehensive training provided.

Legislation and Insurance

CAP 437 provides guidance specific to Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas. It provides detailed specifics laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to ensure safe flight operations in very difficult conditions. In particular reference to meteorological requirements the document details, in Chapter 6, observations, assessments and reports of current conditions. These reports provide the helicopter pilot with essential details to prepare for landing and taking off. The more accurate the information provided for the pilot the better equipped he will be to safely transport the rig crew.

CAP 437 has become an accepted worldwide source of reference, and incorporates the results of research projects conducted with the support of the UK Offshore Industry. Reference is made to CAP 746, a document dedicated to Meteorological Observations at Aerodromes, and in Chapter 4 specifics as to how each meteorological parameter should be measured and reported are set out.

Our team of offshore certified engineers understand first-hand the importance of safety regulations in these remote and often hostile environments, where faulty equipment and slack protocols and procedures can result in the loss of life. Skyview offer services to maintain and calibrate your equipment to ensure accuracy, reliability and longevity.