Skyview's Environmental Action Plan

Here at Skyview, we are delighted to be part of an ever-growing network of like-minded companies who prioritise environmental sustainability.

We prioritise our green efforts by implementing a two-pronged approach: Firstly, the measures taken within our internal office environment and ecommerce operations; and secondly through our long-standing services to the industrial and commercial sectors to enable safe, energy-efficient operations.  

We worked with Groundworks and Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia to consult on how to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, and devised an Energy Reduction Action Plan, which includes both short-term and long-term measurable goals.

Skyview's Environmental Action Plan

Skyview’s specific carbon reduction actions include: 

  • undertaking an energy audit and calculating our carbon footprint;
  • installing x2 solar panel systems in 2019, with 150+ panels, enabling us to offer electricity at a reduced rate to our tenants, and to run our offices 100% on solar energy;
  • installing an electric vehicle charge point and leasing an electric vehicle in 2019, with the long-term goal of running a 100% electric fleet by 2028;
  • improved fuel consumption with the purchase of 6 vans fitted with Ultra Low Emission Euro 6 engines in 2021, capable of returning 50+mpg;
  • eco driving courses offered in 2019, undertaken by 50% of staff to date;
  • efficient tracking Kinesis devices in place for improved vehicle and driving performance;
  • Environmental Manager in place as of 2019 and Carbon Literate accredited in 2021;
  • regular monitoring of electricity and fuel data by appointed staff to track progress;
  • litter-picking equipment available to staff during lunch breaks;
  • all staff are entitled to a volunteering day, which can be used for an environmental cause;
  • regular promotion of green business measures via social media accounts, press releases, company websites, customer mailers etc.;
  • releasing our own eco-friendly product range, for which we achieved Platinum level of Green Business Bureau certification;
  • operating a low-carbon office environment with various internal measures in place;
  • expanding recycling procedures in 2020 to include cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronics, batteries, crisps packets and pens;
  • installing LED lights;
  • roof insulation in place; and
  • using carbon-neutral couriers where possible.