Our carbon journey

Monitoring and protecting the environment is at that heart of what we do here at Skyview.

We have consistently prioritised our green objectives since our beginning in 1989 by the measures taken within our internal office environment and ecommerce operations; and through our long-standing services to the industrial and commercial sectors to enable safe, energy-efficient operations. 

Steps and achievements

Calculating our carbon footprint -

We work with Groundworks and Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia to work out and consult on how to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Working out our footprint helps us to establish which areas of our business create the most emissions, enabling us to take targeted action.

Setting science-based, measurable targets -

Creating measurable targets allows us to clearly define our path to reducing emissions in line with COP26 and the Paris Agreement goals. Setting target dates by which to complete given tasks make them measurable and accountable and increases momentum. Based on Carbon Charter emissions calculations, we were thrilled to have achieved an emissions reduction of 25% in 2020, as compared with 2018’s figures.

Powered by solar -

Our offices are run 100% on solar energy since investing in two large-scale solar panel systems on our office roofs in 2019. We are excited to monitor our power generation, assess consumption against output, and promote solar via social media and our websites wherever we can. Solar electricity is also available for tenants of Skyview House to purchase at a reduced rate.    

Gold Carbon Charter status -

We have thoroughly embraced our Carbon Charter journey, and were delighted to achieve the top-tier Gold Carbon Charter award, presented to us at the 2021 Carbon Charter Summer Event. The Carbon Charter Panel noted that they were particularly impressed with our “significant emissions reductions since the installation of Solar PV” and highlighted that “communication regarding climate change initiatives both internally and externally is excellent, promoting proactive action and community engagement”.

Suffolk’s Greenest Small Business -

By far our greatest recognition to date, 2021 saw us achieve the award for Greenest Small Business for our carbon reduction efforts at the Greenest County Awards.

Carbon literacy -

We appointed our first team Environmental Manager in 2019, who achieved Carbon Literacy accreditation in 2021 as part of the Carbon Literacy Project.

Electric vehicle and EV charge point -

We have leased an electric vehicle as a company pool car and installed an electric charge point, with the help of the brilliant EV Driver (

Energy efficient driver training -

We introduced energy efficient driver training with the help of Priority Driver Training (, which was offered to all staff.  We have also swapped company vehicles for those with Ultra Low Emission Engines.

Internal measures -

We operate a low-carbon office environment with internal measures in place, for instance: double-sided printing: stickers encouraging turning off lights; posters reminding staff to ‘be green; keep it on the screen’ to avoid unnecessary printing; video conferencing where possible to reduce mileage; and electronic staff correspondence and payslips. We purchase recycled and refurbished goods (office supplies, equipment and furniture); provide staff with reusable kitchenware to avoid unnecessary plastics and paper and have plants in place for better air quality.

Recycling -

We have step-changed our recycling efforts. Our offices now recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronics, batteries, crisps packets and pens. Hazardous waste is disposed of correctly and in line with current legislative guidelines. We are a WEEE compliant company.

Promoting staff awareness -

We have created a climate-conscious culture amongst staff. Staff are encouraged to put forward energy/resource saving ideas. As well as lift sharing to reduce the carbon footprint of our staff commutes (pre-Covid), we encourage walking/cycling to work and have installed a staff shower room. Fitbit watches are available to all staff wishing to participate in our “Skyview step challenge”, adding an element of fun to leaving the car at home! Litter-picking equipment is available to staff during lunch breaks and all staff are entitled to a volunteering day, which can be used for an environmental cause.

Our equipment -

Thanks to our equipment and software, we help our customers make energy-efficient operational decisions through the commercial arm of our business.

We released an eco-friendly product range under Skyview’s own brand through the ecommerce arm of our business.

Sharing our message and spreading the word! -

We regularly promote green business measures on our social media accounts, press releases, websites, and mailers. Keep an eye on what we’re up to on Twitter @svweathertech @skyviewweather and on LinkedIn.

Collaboration is key -

Collaboration is a key goal of COP26 in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C. We are incredibly fortunate to be part of an ever-growing network of like-minded companies who prioritise environmental sustainability, and inspire and support our green goals. In the words of Damian Barr, “not all of us are in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm”.

Meteorological events are dominating the headlines on a regular basis around the world, particularly with the recent events at COP26, and we can’t ignore the impact that our individual and collective actions can have to reduce carbon emissions. I strongly feel that businesses working towards a greener outlook will be able to proposer around the world, and at Skyview, as a weather company that has been helping clients for over 30 years, we feel well placed to benefit from connecting with like-minded companies to transition to a greener future.”

Nic Hart, Managing Director - Skyview Systems

Our goals

We love a challenge here at Skyview! Here are just some of the exciting plans in the pipeline. Read more about our green goals in our Environmental Action Plan

  • 100% electric fleet by 2028
  • Additional EV charge points
  • Roll out of staff environmental training modules
  • Wellness garden for staff, tenants and the local community
  • Monitor and reduce environmental impact of business mileage
  • Carbon-offset tree planting scheme
  • Prioritise relationships with local suppliers and/or green businesses