Cloud Height

Skyview offers a carefully curated selection of top-tier ceilometers manufactured by renowned companies like Eliasson, All Weather Inc., and Vaisala. These advanced instruments play a vital role in providing accurate measurements of cloud height, catering to the essential needs of aviation and meteorology. Ceilometers are designed to detect various cloud characteristics, including ceiling, cloud layers, vertical visibility, and the number of cloud bases. Whether for fixed or mobile applications, these ceilometers deliver reliable and precise cloud height detection, which is crucial for precise weather monitoring and forecasting.

Our ceilometers are particularly well-suited for critical settings such as airports and meteorological stations, where precise atmospheric data is of utmost importance. They seamlessly integrate with other meteorological tools, enhancing the overall accuracy of data for weather prediction, aviation safety, and atmospheric research. By equipping our clients with the latest ceilometer technology, Skyview ensures that they have access to dependable and up-to-date weather information, supporting safety, planning, and research across various sectors.

CBME80 Cloud Ceilometer Bjorn Eliasson
8339 Laser Ceilometer All Weather Inc
CL31 Ceilometer Vaisala
CL51 High- Range Ceilometer Vaisala