Waste and recycling sites are required by law to monitor weather parameters. Emission of toxic gases through extensive areas of the landfill cap will be affected by weather conditions and barometric pressure; saturated ground will act as a barrier to gas migration and high or rising pressure will supress emissions. Our extensive experience in this field has enabled us to develop a system that monitors these parameters and is easy to use.

Diverting waste from landfill is a prime concern to waste groups, who are often the fore runners in developing alternative options for the nations waste. Skyview have installed stations at glass recycling centres, household waste recycling sites and materials recycling facilities nationwide.

The Benefits of a Skyview System

Skyview has designed a system to comply with stringent IPPC regulations, providing reliable, accurate and historical data sources, as well as incorporating links for gas emission and leachate calculations. All at the touch of a button.

Keeping accurate wind, rain, and temperature records in order to comply with stringent legislation requires both time and manpower. This can put pressure on human resources in a market place where it is essential to maintain the competitive edge. Our specialists will meet with your team to establish your individual requirements, and to ensure we meet your compliance needs.  

A Close Working Relationship

We at RiverRidge have landfill, waste treatment and transport divisions all operating in an exposed environment which can be heavily affected by weather conditions.

The Skyview weather system provides us with detailed and concise information, which is easily accessible online. We use the system every day, and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for an effective weather station solution.

Chris Fillis, Project Manager - RiverRidge

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Legislation and Insurance

Landfill has been the dominant waste management option in the UK for many years. Whilst many waste management companies are moving towards greener alternatives, there is much work to be done.

Landfill sites must be managed carefully and responsibly, even after site closures. Strict legal requirements stipulate that accurate weather monitoring must be carried out to evaluate the impact of noise, dust, odour, gas emissions and leachate infiltration into soil to minimise for the environmental impact on local communities.

The Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC states that with regards to the “protection of human health and the environment, Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that waste management is carried out without endangering human health, without harming the environment and, in particular: (a) without risk to water, air, soil, plants or animals; (b) without causing a nuisance through noise or odours; and (c) without adversely affecting the countryside or places of special interest”.

The Landfill Directive (European Directive 1999/31/EC on the Landfill of Waste) also has wide reaching implications for those producing, collecting and disposing of waste. This Directive aims to reduce reliance on landfill as a disposal option and to decrease the environmental impacts of landfills and reduce the risk to human health. The Landfill Directive clearly states that Member States should supply data on the collection method for meteorological dataas part of their reporting obligation.

 “… landfill sites must comply as regards location, conditioning, management, closure and preventive and protective measures to be taken against any threat to the environment in the short as well as in the long-term perspective, and more especially against the pollution of groundwater by leachate infiltration into the soil.

The Directive also requires site operators to: “… establish common monitoring procedures during the operation and after-care phases of a landfill in order to identify any possible adverse environmental effect of the landfill and take the appropriate corrective measures.”

Regarding water control and leachate management in particular: “Appropriate measures shall be taken, with respect to the characteristics of the landfill and the meteorological conditions, in order to:control water from precipitations entering into the landfill body, prevent surface water and/or groundwater from entering into the landfilled waste, collect contaminated water and leachate, treat contaminated water and leachate collected from the landfill.”

Even after a landfill closure, site managers must follow strict procedures:  

“… after a landfill has been definitely closed, the operator shall be responsible for its maintenance, monitoring and control in the after-care phase for as long as may be required … taking into account the time during which the landfill could present hazards.

… the operator of the site shall be responsible for monitoring and analysing landfill gas and leachate from the site and the groundwater regime …

Skyview Systems can help you to minimise the environmental impact on local communities and the wider environment, whilst ensure accurate monitoring and reporting for legislative compliance.