Wind Speed & Direction

Wind speed and direction measurements are essential in many industries and are often required by law. An anemometer measures wind speed and direction, providing vital data for meteorological research, aviation, maritime operations, and more. Anemometers are often known as wind sensors, wind speed sensors, and wind speed monitors and to satisfy such a broad customer base, Skyview supplies instruments that meet different specifications and budgets. Our technical experts will assess your requirements, taking into consideration factors such as the format of output data, i.e. RS-422 or 4...20mA, and accessibility for maintenance. Display units, software, and mounting equipment are also available to complete the package if necessary. For existing wind sensors Skyview offers a range of service and calibration options.
LB-16470 u[sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Lambrecht
WSM W410XB Wireless Anemometer and Display Skyview Systems
LB-16432 EOLOS-NAV2 Lambrecht
LB-14581 ARCO-SERIAL Wind Sensor Lambrecht
LB-14581 ARCO-NAV Wind Sensor Lambrecht
LB-24513 Combined Naval Wind Sensor Lambrecht
LB-14513 Combined Naval Wind Sensor Lambrecht
LB-14523 PRO-WEA Wind Direction Sensor Lambrecht
LB-14522 PROFESSIONAL Wind Speed Sensor Lambrecht
RMY-86106 Marine Ultrasonic Anemometer RM Young
RMY-05106 Marine Wind Monitor RM Young
RMY-05103 Wind Monitor RM Young
LB-14524 PRO-WEA Wind Speed Sensor Lambrecht
RMY-05501LM Wind Monitor-IS RM Young
WOIS Intrinsically Safe WindObserver Gill Instruments
OMC-150/158 Intrinsically safe wind sensor Observator Group
HS-50 Horizontal Head Anemometer Gill Instruments
R3-50 3D Research Anemometer Gill Instruments
WM3D WindMaster 3D Sonic Anemometer Gill Instruments
RMY-8600 Ultrasonic Anemometer RM Young
LB-16430 EOLOS Static Weather Sensor Lambrecht
WO65 WindObserver Wind Speed Sensor Gill Instruments
WindSonic Ultrasonic Anemometer Gill Instruments
WR-3 Plus Hand-Held Wireless Wind Alarm Skyview Systems
MAC3 Wind Speed Alarm Maximum