We have worked with many greenkeeping and events teams over the years and each requirement is slightly different. Whether you need weather monitoring equipment for turf management and safe operations at horseracing race tracks, sports training grounds and events, golf courses or showgrounds - Skyview can provide your grounds-management team with the real-time accurate weather data they need for effective planning and on-the-day safety.

A vital feature of any Event Safety Management Plan, our systems allow you to measure applications such as evapotranspiration and rainfall levels, as well as wind speed and direction, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. Data is then collated in one place for all relevant staff to be alerted to and act upon should the need arise.

The Benefits of a Skyview System

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that parameters such as evapotranspiration and rainfall levels are accurately monitored, ensuring to minimise down-time on courses and green sites, whilst complying with strict legislative health and safety requirements. Our systems also have the capability to track temperature readings – crucial for racecourses in particular, to accurately predicted frost and ensure that horses can race with minimal risk of injury.

Our online weather portal Skylink-Pro allows you to monitor and analyse all real-time site data 24 hours a day, seven days a week – a must for efficient greenkeeping.

If you decide to take advantage of a Skyview Service & Maintenance contract, our expert engineers will schedule regular service visits with you to ensure that all monitoring equipment is functioning accurately, allowing you to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Pitch Management

Whether installing a system at Liverpool Football Club to assist top tier football training or ensuring that our all-star rugby players get maximum training time at Twickenham Rugby Ground – Skyview’s equipment ensures that athletes can perform at the highest level and match day arrangements can be made with confidence. Our robust and accurate weather stations feed crucial data back into our Skylink-pro online portal, allowing management teams to choose which parameters to monitor in order to make real time management decisions.

Legislation and Insurance

Racecourses, golf courses, football pitches, rugby grounds and bowling greens are subject to the Safety at Sportsgrounds Legislation, known as the “Green Guide”. The Green Guide highlights the importance of weather monitoring and the potential problems posed:

“The occurrence of high winds immediately prior to or during an event may require management to consider prohibiting spectators from occupying the temporary demountable structure, or, if necessary, cancelling the event.”

The guide also stipulates that as following an on-site medical risk assessment - part of a medical plan for such sites must include plans for responding to adverse weather conditions.  

The RCA Guide to Safety at Racecourses highlights the importance of weather monitoring and sets out clear objectives in its Wind Management Plan:  

“The weather can be unpredictable and it is important to have aManagement Plan in place to cope withhigh winds. Safety during high winds needs to be considered for all periods of erection, usage and dismantling.”

A safe RCA Management Plan would include the installation of “a permanent anemometer ...(which) will allow an assessment of conditions to be determined by the Racecourse Operations Manager/Police as necessary.” 

The RCA goes further to stress the importance having failsafe wind monitoring procedures in place:

“Suppliers are responsible for monitoring the wind speed conditions and for notifying the Operations Manager if or when they reach the trigger values relevant to each case. The suppliers are to set out their own individual operational procedure for use by their site foreman.”