Ultrasonic Anemometers

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors use ultrasonic sound waves to measure wind velocity. The lack of moving parts makes them appropriate for long term use in exposed automated weather stations and weather buoys where the accuracy and reliability of traditional cup and vane type anemometers can be adversely affected by sea salt in the air.
LB-16470 u[sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Lambrecht
LB-16430 EOLOS Static Weather Sensor Lambrecht
WindSonic Ultrasonic Anemometer Gill Instruments
WO65 WindObserver Wind Speed Sensor Gill Instruments
RMY-8600 Ultrasonic Anemometer RM Young
RMY-86106 Marine Ultrasonic Anemometer RM Young
WM3D WindMaster 3D Sonic Anemometer Gill Instruments
R3-50 3D Research Anemometer Gill Instruments
HS-50 Horizontal Head Anemometer Gill Instruments