Skylink-pro turns your Skyview-installed weather station data into manageable, reliable information that you can access remotely.

The hardware and software components of your weather station and our Skylink-pro online system have been designed to work together seamlessly in one integrated platform allowing you to:

- assess current weather and local and regional forecasts to make critical operational decisions; 

- create historical management reports for legal compliance, dispute management and trend analysis; 

- create windrose maps to help you visualise wind patterns on a site, analyse trends and make informed management decisions;

- minimise downtime with real-time email, telephone or text alerts to advise you of any change in conditions, allowing you to take timely action. A follow up alert gives you the all clear to resume business as usual;

- access partner site weather data - a must for managers of multiple sites.

Contact us today to start building a bespoke modular web portal to best serve your industry-specific legislative needs.

GPRS Remote Solutions

Skylink-Pro is further enhanced by GPRS technology, providing successful remote monitoring where cabled and wireless solutions are unsuitable.

Skyview’s SIM based GPRS data transfer solutions take the pressure off on-site staff. Our weather stations will automatically upload data without the need for a dedicated computer allowing site managers to view current weather information from any location.

Systems Alerts & Warnings

Alarms and Alerts have been built into the Skylink-pro system. Administrators can edit or delete an existing alarm, or create new alarms.

Create Shift Groups, Alert Contacts and Schedules all via our unique web-based software enabling site critical procedures to be set in motion at the touch of a button.