From simple sensor installations to complex Meteorological Tower arrangements Skyview can provide trained engineers to ensure that the expensive equipment purchased by our clients is installed safely and works with the accuracy with which it was designed.

Site Survey

Skyview provides site surveys as a recommended option before any weather system installation. The Site Survey confirms the site-specific details and requirements needed for successful installation and integration.

Skyview provides these surveys especially for new installation sites or when upgrading or re-locating existing systems. The content of onsite surveys may vary from one weather product to another.

A professional site survey provides a reliable and accurate observation system with optimal positioning and performance. An engineer will arrange to meet your staff on site if necessary to assess the location and requirements. This often prevents any delays at the time of installation, as the correct equipment can be ordered, such as cherry pickers, and any contractors required can be organized, for example if a concrete base is required for the mounting mast and trenches dug for cabling.

Following a site survey an accurate quotation can be provided so that the costs of the sensors, and any accessory equipment, as well as engineering time can be approved by your purchasing team.

System Testing

Prior to installation our lab technicians will thoroughly test each piece of equipment, checking the data logged for continuous streams without interruptions.

For more complex systems a dummy installation will be completed before the installation is approved to ensure everything is working and that the customer's specification is met.

One installed our trained engineers will perform a Site Acceptance Test to inspect the system at the customer's site to ensure smooth start up and that the equipment meets its performance requirements. The Site Acceptance Test is carried out together with the customer, and may also be replaced with a less formal installation inspection.


Professional installation performed by Skyview reduces unexpected costs related to maintenance and enables efficient operation, reliable data flow and long-life cycle for your investment. Installation is completed by professional and experienced personnel according to pre-defined processes and procedures.

Installation services may consist of civil works, hardware installation and implementation. Civil works and hardware installation entail actions such as grounding, laying concrete, cabling, installing masts or towers and the required communications.

During set-up the equipment and software will be configured and tested to ensure reliable and accurate data output. Often the most complex part of an installation is not fitting the equipment itself, but overcoming any software or transmission anomalies when integrating the sensor data into existing computer systems. Transmission can be via GPRS mobile networks, radio transmission on legal or bespoke frequencies or via cable. With extensive IT experience our engineers will work alongside your own IT experts to deal with any firewall or software problems. Each system is fully tested and commissioned prior to the engineers leaving site, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Training & After Care

On-site Training - If you should require it our engineers can provide training to your staff in the use of your equipment, so that all aspects of the system are understood. This helps if technical phone support is required at any point in the future, as the engineers and staff have met and discussed the system in person.

On-request Training - Skyview can also offer training that can be delivered at any time during the customer’s requirement for meteorological services. The advice and training could be delivered after an equipment upgrade, after the introduction of new staff or on a regular basis to ensure that staff are continually updated with the latest skills, knowledge and competencies needed.

The information and training can usually be delivered at a customer’s site, but they can also be over the phone or via email. We are also able to tailor the information to meet the needs of the customer, whether it be a full session for new employees or an overview and update on any new features.

After Care - Following installation our engineers and technicians are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm via email or phone to answer any questions you may have. Our engineers often log on remotely to client's systems to help restore software settings, and resolve IT issues. By forging a long-term partnership Skyview help to ensure the longevity of the equipment, which is often a large capital investment for the client.