Skyview service packages will maximize the life-time value of your system and help ensure the continuous output of accurate data from your sensors. With our comprehensive range of services Skyview can actively maintain and support your system, provide training and spare parts solutions, and keep your weather software properly configured and up to date. Our Annual Service and Maintenance packages offer an equipment service and calibration along with email and telephone support with a trained engineer.

Annual Service

Skyview's Service & Maintenance options provide complete system status checks, maintenance, calibration and the replacement of wearing parts. The service is available either on-site, or at the Skyview Service Centre lowering life cycle costs and increasing the quality of measurement data.

During the annual service visit qualified technicians will perform complete system status check according to the latest procedures and provide value adding recommendations and instructions concerning upgrades and system performance. Furthermore, the necessary calibrations are performed to ensure products are kept within current legislative boundaries.

Skyview offer a range of annual service options. Some companies choose an on site calibration, where an engineer attends and swaps out any equipment on their behalf, and calibrate any equipment that can be done on site. For some companies the sensors can be simply swapped out by a trained member of staff, and in this case Skyview will send newly serviced and calibrated sensors direct to site, and the old sensor can be replaced with the new. The old sensor is then sent back to Skyview for any repairs and service. This system works for many of our customers, as the site does not have go without a sensor whilst it is being serviced, and the swap over is done in one go.


High tech equipment is a long-term investment. Observation systems and related equipment require repairs from time to time in order to help customers extend the life cycle of their equipment. With a Skyview contract the repair or your sensor could be made all that much easier.

For contract customers Skyview has developed an international service and repair capability, including professional Repair Services either on site or at the Skyview Service Centre, depending on the customer’s situation.

Faulty sensors or system parts can be dealt with by our Skyview lab. When necessary Skyview will handle any returns to the manufacturer, obtaining quotes and approval from the customer before proceeding. Where parts of a sensor have been damaged, such as a wind vane, Skyview can arrange a replacement, and then fit and test before returning fully functioning equipment to site.


Those with service & maintenance contracts can take advantage of prepaid calibration plans. With calibration records management, calibration interval notification, and calibration certificates a pre-paid agreement significantly reduces the cost of hardware maintenance over time.

Skyview contract customers benefit from experienced calibration engineers visiting site once a year. While servicing equipment engineers can also replace sensors, filters, fittings and housings with suitable components and perform a variety of minor repairs and even provide the latest upgrades. Major repairs will still need to be performed at Skyview Service Centre.

Skyview offer in-house calibration services, through to UKAS calibration. UKAS calibration is the national standard for traceable calibration. Equipment used to calibrate a sensor to UKAS standards will also have a traceable history of it's own calibration. This standard is often required by large airports and power stations.