Lightning Detectors

Our state-of-the-art commercial lightning detection systems are essential for monitoring and alerting users to nearby lightning activity within predetermined parameters. These sophisticated lightning detectors serve as a crucial safety tool, particularly for industries where staff, like crane operators, are exposed to the elements. By implementing our advanced lightning strike detection system, you can significantly reduce the risk of lightning-related incidents and ensure the safety of your personnel and the protection of valuable electronic equipment during storms.

Equipped with cutting-edge commercial lightning sensors, our lightning detection systems provide early warnings, allowing ample time for staff to take necessary precautions. This preemptive alert capability is vital for maintaining operations and safeguarding both human lives and infrastructure in sectors highly susceptible to lightning strikes.

Investing in a reliable lightning detector device not only enhances operational safety but also supports compliance with industry safety standards. Our lightning meter detectors are designed to deliver precise and timely data, ensuring that your operations are both safe and efficient, even under severe weather conditions.

BTD-300 Thunderstorm Detector Biral
Storm Pro2 Lightning Detector SkyScan
LD-3000 StrikeAlert Lightning Detector Outdoor Technologies
LD-250 Lightning Detector Boltek
EFM-100C Electric Field Mill Boltek
CS110 Electric Field Meter Campbell Scientific