Skyview Systems awarded Suffolk Carbon Charter - Silver Award

So Green - We’re Silver!

Skyview Systems is delighted to announce that we have received the Suffolk Carbon Charter Silver Award for our carbon reduction efforts throughout our business practises.

Now in our 30th year of business, Skyview delivers weather monitoring solutions to organisations and individuals nationwide. We operate as a small, family-run team based in Sudbury, Suffolk, with a shared passion for improving the world around us and inspiring others to do the same.

Since our beginning in 1989, we have prioritised our green efforts by implementing a two-pronged approach: Firstly, the measures taken within our internal office environment and ecommerce operations; and secondly through our long-standing services to the industrial and commercial sectors to enable safe and energy efficient operations.  

The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that are monitoring and actively reducing their carbon emissions. It is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to the shared goal of “Creating the Greenest County”.

The Silver Level is only awarded to organisations that have implemented effective measures to manage and reduce energy use, and can demonstrate measurable progress in implementing a carbon reduction action plan.

As part of our Carbon Charter journey, Skyview worked with Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia to consult on how to set short-term and long-term measureable goals to significantly reduce carbon emissions. We are delighted to be recognised by the Carbon Charter for our efforts to date.

The Panel noted that they were particularly impressed with Skyview’s clear focus on investing in our buildings and vehicles, which clearly links environmental management and climate change to the products and services provided, as well as our use of social media and other forms of communication to share information on climate change and our operations.

Since installing solar panels on our office roofs earlier this year, we are proud that our offices are now run 100% on solar power. Having built our offices back in 1998, we are delighted to have the opportunity to support local businesses and spread our green message further by offering solar power to our tenants, some of which have been with us for over 10 years.

Additional internal measures, such as using unbleached recycled paper, energy conservation, paper reduction and lift sharing are in place. We also gift all interested staff members a FitBit watch to participate in the “Skyview Step Challenge”, adding an element of fun to leaving the car at home! We have even set up crisp packet and battery recycling points and encourage staff to bring waste from home to recycle.

Plans to lease an electric car to be run solely on solar energy, complete with carport and charger are underway. Initially acting as a staff pool car, this will serve as a stepping stone to Skyview’s long-term objective to have a 100% electric or carbon-offset fleet in line with industry advancements. Skyview’s tenants and visitors will be welcome to charge their own electric vehicles whilst on the premises, thereby making the decision to switch to an electric powered vehicle a potentially easier one!  

Going forward we plan to upgrade all office heating to Air Source Heat Pumps to reduce overall energy usage. We are also in the process of purchasing land for tree-planting and carbon offsetting business mileage and mail order deliveries.

Our commercial team delivers weather monitoring solutions to many industrial and commercial organisations nationwide. With a client portfolio that includes National Police Air Service, the London Eye, Air Ambulances and Felixstowe Docks to name but a few, Skyview is in a unique position to assist a broad range of sectors in streamlining their operations, thus minimising manpower, energy usage and ultimately reducing carbon emissions on a large scale. Whether assisting power stations in Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft in maximising the efficiency of their turbines, or ensuring that emergency services have the critical data needed to avoid taking off during unsuitable conditions, to avoid burning surplus fuel, Skyview’s environmental scope is far-reaching.

“This award couldn’t have been presented at a more poignant time for global environmental sustainability. Measuring and protecting the environment remains at the heart of our business. As a team, we share a passion for the great outdoors and we are committed to leading by example when it comes to respecting our planet.

Businesses should be doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint and work with like-minded companies to do the same, as ultimately we will all prosper from a greener outlook.” - Nic Hart, MD - Skyview Systems