Skyview Systems

WSM W410XB Wireless Anemometer and Display

  • Each Wireless Anemometer and Display kit provides customers with a cost effective solution for wind speed and direction monitoring. The one-stop option requires no calibration or adjustments, just remove from the box, install and go to work. Suited to all industrial environments the W410XB is most commonly used on construction sites and mobile cranes for instant wind speed and direction data.

    Offering customers a choice of power supplies, the hard wired 12v-24v DC or a "C" type battery powered display provides users with current wind speed, programmable alarms and bar graph features. The Wi-fi capable display means users can enable remote monitoring via a phone or computer.

    Each basic kit includes a simple “self-levelling” anemometer, with magnetic mounting bracket and safety cable, an LCD display, fully adjustable display mounting bracket, operating manual and calibration certificate. Send Skyview your requirements and we can add to this custom kit with upgrades such as a wind direction sensor, a secondary display or Yagi antenna for extending the range of your equipment.

    • Operating range up to 500m range with standard range sensor; 1300m with Yagi antennas
    • Quick installation
    • Up to 4 years sensor battery life
    • Wi-Fi capable, enabling remote monitoring for phone, PC or tablet, via our cloud software and mobile app
    • Adjustable wind speed limits on display, providing both audible and visual operator warnings
    • External outputs (hard wired display only)
    • Downloadable data log
  • Data Sheet – WSM W410XB Wireless Anemometer and Display