Skyview Systems

WR-3 Plus Hand-Held Wireless Wind Alarm

  • The WR-3 Plus Wireless Anemometer offers a trusted and stable wind measurement solution and displays live wind speed values in selectable measurement units (m/s, knots, MPH, km/hr). Users are able to set a wind speed warning limit based on local operation safety standards. An audible and visual alarm will be triggered when the limit has been reached. Each sensor has a unique wireless address that can connect to several displays to notify multiple on-site operators.

    The WR-3 Plus captures and stores wind speed, temperature and air pressure measurements. While a 64MB built in memory and outstanding battery life supports up to 1 year of continuous data recording at 10s intervals. The large LCD backlit display boasts a user-friendly interface, clear live weather data along with hourly wind records and historical bar charts from the past 12 hours. To download your data export software, please click here.

    • Max 500m Ultra-Long Wireless Transceiver
    • Audible & Visual Wind Speed Alarm
    • Data recording up to 1 year
    • Wind Speed, Temperature, Air Pressure Sensors
    • Hourly Reports & Historical Graphs
    • IP67 waterproof rating & impact resistant
    • Programmable logging interval: 2s, 5s, 10s, 1min, 5mins, 10min, 60min)

    Kit contains:
    1. Carry Case
    2. Wireless Sensor
    3. Receiver
    4. Receiver Antenna
    5. Receiver Holder
    6. Adhesive Metal Flakes x3 (holder kit for receiver holder installation)
    7. AA Battery x3 (for Receiver)
    8. 3.6V 18505 Lithium battery x1 (placed in sensor)
    9. User Manual & Certificate
    10. Magnetic Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • Data Sheet – WR-3 Plus Hand-Held Wireless Wind Alarm