Gill Instruments

WO65 WindObserver Wind Speed Sensor

  • The Gill WindObserver is a precision, solid-state ultrasonic anemometer providing wind speed and direction data via 1 digital and 3 optional analogue outputs and features and IP66 rated stainless steel housing, which is particularly suitable for use in salt-water environments.

    Offering a high wind speed measurement range, this anemometer has an optional de-icing system enabling the sensor to operate effectively in environmental conditions experienced at high altitude or at sea and is recommended for use in aviation, marine and offshore applications.

    • Precision Ultrasonic Anemometer
    • 0-65m/s wind speed
    • 0-359º wind direction range (no dead band)
    • Optional heating system (Power 3A @ 24VAC or DC)
    • Calibration traceable to NAMAS standards
    • IP66 Rated Stainless-Steel Construction
    • Multiple base mount options (customer selectable)
    • Integral Connector or Cable Gland Options
  •  Data Sheet – WO65 WindObserver