TQ-S Salt Tracer System

  • The TQ-S mobile discharge measurement device utilises the well-established tracer-dilution method. The system can be deployed in turbulent rivers, creeks or waters for which data regarding the cross-section profile are not available or unknown. The TQ-S requires salt (NaCl) as a tracer material. After insertion of a known amount of tracer material two conductivity probes automatically determine the discharge. This way high plausibility and accurate results can be guaranteed.

    • Simple, mobile discharge measurement
    • Reliable results independent of the cross-section profile
    • Suitable for fast-flowing, turbulent waters or where access is limited
    • Environmentally friendly, harmless to water and the surrounding environment
    • Discharge values immediately available
    • Easy transmission of measurement data from the sensor to receiving device via Bluetooth
    • Real-time visualisation of measurement data
    • User-friendly guidance through the measurement by the included software TQ-Commander