RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor

  • The RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor is designed for use in road and tunnel applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required. The forward scatter measurement principle provides a compact design with measurements that are both accurate and reliable in all weather conditions. The RWS-30 outputs have been chosen to match those recommended for use in tunnel systems.

    In common with all Biral visibility and present weather sensors, the RWS-30 uses our established, reliable, 2kHz modulation of the light source, combined with narrow pass band optical filters and synchronous detection at the receiver. This established technique ensures the measurement is not affected by bright or intermittent (flashing) lights, and is optimised for road usage. The horizontal hood design eliminates surface reflections problems that are a source of error in sensors employing look down hood geometries.

    • 200m to 99.99km measurement range
    • Compact forward scatter design
    • Not affected by lights
    • Easily installed by one person
    • Window heating and contamination monitoring
    • EXCO and MOR Outputs
    • Analogue voltage and current outputs
    • Serial data output (RS232, RS422 or RS485)
  • Data Sheet – RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor