RQ-30 / RQ-30A Non-Contact Discharge Radar

  • The RQ-30 is a sensor for continuous discharge measurement of rivers, open channels and canals with known cross-section profile. The sensor uses innovative radar technology to measure velocity, water level and discharge. This sensor enables reliable, non-contact measurement without the need for structural work in the water. Thanks to non-contact radar technology the measuring equipment is not susceptible to contamination, debris or driftwood in the water. Furthermore, the non-contact measurement warrants very low maintenance and fail-safe operation especially during high water or flooding.

    For accurate readings the sensor can be mounted on bridges, on the roofs of closed canals or channel superstructures. The bed of the water should be as stable as possible in order to warrant consistent measurement. Sommer technology determines the water surface flow velocity using the Doppler frequency shift method.

    Skyview is an official partner of Sommer and its complete professional Hydrology range. Speak to one of our technical team to find out how we can help you with surveying and equipment to meet your specific requirements.

    • Non-contact, maintenance free measurement system
    • No structural work is necessary in the water
    • No threat to the system through flooding
    • Low power consumption enables operation using solar cells
    • Recognition of flow direction
    • Measuring range 0.08 ... 16 m/s (depending on the flow conditions)
    • Recognition of hysteresis-effects
    • Measurement in backwater situations
    • Measures even where weed growth prevails and sensor is not affected by turbidity
    • Measurement in tidal waters
    • Automatic angle measurement
    • Optional (RQ-30A): analogue outputs from 4 to 20 mA