RM Young

RMY-05603C / 05631C Voltage & Current Interfaces

  • The Wind Sensor Interface model 05603C provides calibrated analog DC voltage signals for wind speed and wind direction. The unit consists of a circuit board assembly in a weather resistant junction box. All cable connections are made in the junction box.

    The Wind Line Driver model 05631C converts raw signals from the wind sensors to proportional 4 to 20 mA current loop values. The Line Driver acts like a variable resistance that draws 4 - 20 mA when powered with 12 to 30 VDC. Although it has only one PC board, the Line Driver contains two completely independent circuits - one for wind speed and the other for wind direction.

    • For use with the RMY05106 Marine Wind Monitor
  • Product Variants Description
    RMY-05603C Wind Sensor Interface 0-5 VDC Outputs
    RMY-05631C Wind Line Driver 4-20 mA Outputs