LD-350 Long-Range Lightning Detector

  • The Boltek LD-350 Lightning Detector puts a live lightning map on your laptop or desktop computer. Within milliseconds of a lightning strike, the detector beeps and your computer displays the strike location. The LD-350's direction-finding antenna measures lightning strike direction while the 350's receiver estimates distance from received signal strength.

    The LD-350 can warn of both close and severe thunderstorms. If a storm is detected closer than a preset distance or the strike rate exceeds a preset limit, the LD-350 sounds its internal alarm and activates the computers alarm tone or WAV file notification. Both the close storm and severe storm alarm statuses are indicated on the LD-350's front panel.

    The LD-350 is an updated version of the popular LD-250, and includes built-in USB and Ethernet along with a faster processor. The LD-350 enables the strike-type classification feature into NexStorm and Lightning/2000 software.

    Available as either a basic kit; with all the parts you need to start monitoring lightning strikes and displaying them on your computer, or as an advanced kit. The advanced kit includes pole mount hardware for the Lightning Antenna, a full version of the NexStorm Lightning Software and a CVM Custom Vector Map for your location.

    • Gives lightning distance and position data
    • Real-time plotting over your local area map
    • Close storm alarm (programmable)
    • Severe thunderstorm alarm (programmable)
    • Data logged to computer hard drive for future analysis
    • Indoor, outdoor or mobile mounting antenna
    • Connects to desktop or laptop computer via RS-232 or USB
    • Detects lightning even when your computer is switched off
    • Three display ranges (100, 200 and 300 miles) allow zooming in out on specific regions
    • Strike rate trend graph showing close strikes per minute and total strikes per minute
    • The LD350 does not have the ability to connect a Garmin GPS for tracking lightning while driving
    • Special signal processing in software reduces the effects of strike-to-strike energy variations providing more accurate distance information
  • Data Sheet – LD-350 Long-Range Lightning Detector