LB-8095 THP[pro] Temperature-Humidity-Pressure Sensor

  • The THP[pro] is a combined sensor for measuring relative humidity, air temperature and air pressure. The sensor is characterised by high accuracy and energy-saving electronics. All THP[pro] sensors have an IP65 protection rating and are available in a Modbus or NAV version for use in meteorology on ships. The THP[pro]NAV uses a sinter filter to reliably protect the capacitive measuring element from air pollutants.

    • Combined measuring instrument for high-quality use
    • Capacitive humidity measuring element
    • Low maintenance
    • Signal output: RS 422/ Talker • NMEA • Modbus
    • For use in all climatic zones
    • Suitable sensor shelter type 8141.6 (recommended option)
  • Product Variants Description
    00.08095.100000 THP[pro]
    00.08095.100030 THP[pro] Modbus
    00.08095.101000 THP[pro]NAV

    Data Sheet – LB-8095 THP[pro]

    Data Sheet – LB-8095 THP[pro] Modbus

    Data Sheet – LB-8095 THP[pro]NAV