LB-16470 u[sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

  • All new combined u[sonic] ultrasonic wind sensor from Lambrecht. This state of the art weather sensor is ideal for professional meteorological applications where both wind speed and direction need to be monitored. The robust sensor is seawater resistant and is equipped with intelligent heating to ensure continuous operation in even the coldest of climates. Measured values can be configured over a variety of interfaces including; NMEA, Modbus and SDI-12. Please specify when making your enquiry.

    • Wind Speed and Wind Direction Sensor
    • Solid-state – maintenance free
    • 0-75m/s Wind Speed
    • 0-359.9° Wind Direction
    • Intelligent heating for use in cold climate conditions (60/120/240W)
    • Operating temperature: -40 - +70C (-50 - +70C with heating)
    • NMEA, Modbus, SDI12 configurations, please specify when making your enquiry
  • Product Variants Description
    00.16470.100000 u[sonic]
    00.16470.100130 u[sonic] MODBUS

    Data Sheet – LB-16470 u[sonic] ultrasonic wind sensor