LB-16430 EOLOS Static Weather Sensor

  • The compact construction of the static measuring EOLOS system and robust nature of the housing materials used in construction make this Lambrecht sensor extremely reliable and durable. Available in a number of heated and unheated options the 16430 EOLOS-IND can measure five weather parameters including Wind Speed & Direction, Air temperature, Relative humidity and barometric pressure while the EOLOS-MET focuses on the measurement of Wind Speed, Direction and Air Temperature.

    • Measures very high wind velocities: up to 85 m/s
    • No moving parts
    • Measures 5 weather parameters
    • Lamella shelter for accurate temperature-humidity measurements
    • Heated option available
    • IP66 Rated Stainless-Steel Construction
    • Easy installation and maintenance
      • 00.16430.010002 - EOLOS-IND H heated Static Weather Sensor
      • 00.16430.0000002 - EOLOS-IND unheated Static Weather Sensor

    Data Sheet – LB-16430 EOLOS-IND

      • 00.16430.4100002 - EOLOS-MET TH heated Static Wind Sensor
      • 00.16430.400002 - EOLOS-MET T unheated Static Weather Sensor

    Data Sheet – LB-16430 EOLOS-MET