Skyview Systems

Historical Weather Data

    • As the need for specific historic weather data varies with application we welcome enquiries by phone on 01787 883138 or email.

      Our extensive database contains most elements of recorded weather, including mean wind speeds, wind directions, maximum wind gusts, precipitation totals, maximum/minimum temperatures. A selection of our most frequently requested services have been set out in the features tab.

      Skyview’s bespoke Weather Data services are ideal for a wide range of applications including Insurance Claims, Verifying Weather Conditions, Planning Prospects, Renewable Energy Installations, the Construction Industry and Weather Research.

      • Weather Extremes - A one-page report detailing minimum and maximum temperatures, rainfall or snowfall amounts, wind speed and direction, wind gusts, and sunrise and sunset times for the 24hr period specified.
      • Prolonged Weather Data - Detailed daily weather extremes including; minimum and maximum temperatures, mean wind speeds and wind gusts, humidity, snowfall and rainfall data a specific postcode area over 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 month period.
      • Daily Weather Updates - In-depth excel report detailing weather conditions at a specific postcode throughout any 24-hour period broken down into time stamped increments. Includes temperature extremes, rainfall amounts, cloud cover, humidity, wind speeds, wind gusts and sunshine duration.