Campbell Scientific

CS110 Electric Field Meter

  • The CS110 is used for lightning warning applications and in research applications for measuring the local electric field. It measures the vertical component of the atmospheric electric field at the earth's surface. The CS110 sensor is typically part of a larger electric-field system. It includes an integrated CR1000 datalogger, and so can be expanded with the addition of other sensors and peripherals.

    Instead of the traditional rotating vane field mill, the CS110 uses a reciprocating shutter. The reciprocating shutter is electrically connected to ground potential by a flexible stainless-steel strap. The strap operates below its fatigue limit, resulting in an ultra-reliable electrical ground connection to the shutter. The use of a reciprocating shutter improves DC measurement performance, reliability, and reduces power consumption when compared to a more typical rotating field mill sensor.

    The SG000 can be used in conjunction with the CS110 to create a complete lightning-threat measurement and analysis system. This system combines the advantages of two complementary lightning-warning technologies. The SG000 reports actual lightning strikes occurring at distances up to 20 miles—providing a comfortable warning time for incoming storms. The CS110 reports electric fields associated with local thunderstorm development—providing a warning prior to lightning strikes.

    • Low power consumption
    • Senses potential for lightning, providing warning before lightning strikes
    • Extensive diagnostic self-checking for each measurement reduces or eliminates scheduled maintenance
    • Rugged construction
    • SG000 Strike Guard can be used in conjunction with our CS110 to create a complete lightning-threat measurement and analysis system
  • Data Sheet – CS110 Electric Field Meter