CL51 High- Range Ceilometer

  • The Vaisala Ceilometer CL51 is designed to measure high-range cirrus cloud heights without surpassing the low and middle layer clouds, or vertical visibility in harsh conditions. It´s backscatter profiling over full range is up to 15 km (49,200 ft).

    The CL51 employs a pulsed diode laser LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) technology, where short, powerful laser pulses are sent out in a vertical or near-vertical direction. The reflection of light (backscatter) caused by clouds, precipitation or other obscuration is analysed and used to determine the cloud base height.

    • Cloud reporting range up to 13 km (43,000 ft)
    • Backscatter profiling over full range up to 15 km (49,200 ft)
    • Detection of Cirrus clouds
    • Based on robust and affordable laser technology
    • Extensive self-diagnostics with fault analysis
    • Field proven, fully automatic 24/7 operation in all weather conditions
    • Extensive self-diagnostics with fault analysis
    • Second-generation, advanced single-lens optics provides excellent performance also at low altitudes
    • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance
    • Reliable operation in all weather; unsurpassed performance in vertical visibility and cloud detection during precipitation
  • Data Sheet – CL51 High-Range Ceilometer