Rethinking Resources with RiverRidge

Complying with legal requirements is paramount for any waste site operator and requires extensive planning and careful management. The necessity to monitor weather conditions is a clearly defined factor determined within a site’s permit in order to minimise the environmental impact of waste at landfill locations, and must be strictly adhered to.

Skyview Systems was thrilled to work with RiverRidge to deliver an environmentally-efficient, legally sound, cost-effective system.

About RiverRidge

Award-winning RiverRidge is a long established waste management company based in Northern Ireland, providing a full range of waste management services from waste haulage to recycling and landfill.

Committed to the on-going enhancement of recovery and recycling activities, RiverRidge has invested heavily into these areas. Although the company operates a landfill, RiverRidge focuses on the tonnage of waste going to landfill and how this can be avoided. Committed to operating its facilities to the highest environmental standards, RiverRidge strives to prioritise the needs and concerns of the local community. 

Having been awarded Sustainable Ireland’s prestigious Waste Management & Environmental Excellence Award 2015 & 2016, and in fitting with Skyview’s own business objectives, RiverRidge’s main aim is clear - to respect the environment and to conduct business operations in a sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner.

The Challenge 

The waste and recycling sector must abide by strict regulation with regards to leachates, the generation of gas, volatile compounds or odour, and dust emissions. Each factor must be carefully and consistently monitored to minimise disruption to the surrounding local community and to the environment as a whole. 

The European Directive 1999/31/EC on the Landfill of Waste (Landfill Directive), the IPPC Directive and the Waste Framework Directive, among others, have wide-reaching implications for companies producing, collecting and disposing of waste.

RiverRidge required a facility that allowed the team to analyse current and historical data online to comply with stringent regulation, and to produce detailed, accurate historical weather reports when required.

With over 30 years’ experience in the waste sector alone and systems installed on some 360 waste sites nationwide, RiverRidge enlisted Skyview’s help to commission a weather monitoring system to measure a variety of factors including rainfall, wind speed and direction, temperature and barometric pressure. 

Our Solution

After a site visit to establish RiverRidge’s requirements, Skyview installed a weather monitoring station to accurately measure a series of required parameters, which could potentially pose a threat to daily operations. Rainfall and water run-off measurements allows RiverRidge to avoid harmful particles such as leachates; wind speed and direction monitoring allow for effective odour and dust control; and temperature and barometric pressure measurements enable staff to monitor the release of potentially dangerous landfill gas.

Skyview was also delighted to welcome RiverRidge on-board as subscribers to our ground-breaking web-based weather service, Skylink-pro, to assist with managing dust, odour and gas emissions. 

RiverRidge can view real-time data gathered from their Skyview installed weather station directly to their own dedicated Skylink-pro web platform anytime, anywhere. With careful consultation, RiverRidge pin-pointed exactly the data they required, from historical data to site-specific forecasting, to wind-rose mapping, and the team at Skyview set the Skylink-pro system to deliver the exact information required.

Email alerts warn the RiverRidge team of any problems with the weather station itself, and programmed alarms alert staff to any hazardous weather changes to allow staff to take action. 

A Close Working Relationship

We at RiverRidge have landfill, waste treatment and transport divisions all operating in an exposed environment which can be heavily affected by weather conditions.

The Skyview weather system provides us with detailed and concise information, which is easily accessible online. We use the system every day, and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for an effective weather station solution.Chris Fillis, Project Manager - RiverRidge