We are proud to serve a number of National Trust sites across the UK - and each site has its own unique requirement. We were delighted to be of assistance to the team at Chirk Castle to facilitate public safety in the event of high winds. 

At Chirk Castle due to the large number of ancient and veteran trees on the estate we must plan for closure to the public in adverse weather conditions, in particular for high winds.  Having a Skyview weather system installation on site allows us to access real-time, site-specific data.  This is an invaluable aid in making decisions on the ground.

The easy access of historic wind speeds for the site, also allows us to make strategic, long-term decisions on wind closure thresholds, again based on real data.  The web interface itself is instinctive and easy to use.

On the rare occasions we have had issues with the equipment the Skyview engineers have been prompt, helpful and efficient and have got us back up and running in good time.

I would recommend Skyview to anyone looking at a weather station solution.” Keith Griffith, Area Ranger, Chirk Castle, National Trust