We are honoured to have been selected to partner the Environment Agency on their ground-breaking nationwide flood prevention project. The long-term partnership enables the Environment Agency to benefit from enhanced flood warning and forecasting services to better protect some 300,000 homes from the devastating effects of flooding seen across the UK to date.

"We are working with Skyview who distribute the Rain[e] rainfall gauges that we are installing across the country to support our suite of new monitoring and forecasting tools. The Rain[e] gauge offers us a high level of accuracy in measuring rainfall intensity and accumulation by weighing the quantity of rain received at the gauge. This allows us to set thresholds which trigger an alarm when certain amounts of rain are recorded.

Rain[e] provides a sophisticated solution to monitor rainfall in the communities that we are setting up new services in, because they are mostly located in steep and fast responding river catchments. These communities are prone to flash flooding from heavy rain, so we need to be able to distinguish intense storms from lighter rain to issue accurate and timely flood warnings”. Mike Darkin, Technical Advisor (Hydrometry) to Flood Warning Expansion Project, Environment Agency