The Devon Air Ambulance team played an instrumental part in developing our now invaluable "partner sharing" function - allowing Skyview partner sites to view each others data on a single page.   

“Devon Air Ambulance operates two air ambulance helicopters and having access to real time weather information is essential to support our safe operation. Having owned a weather station supplied by Skyview for several years we recognised the advantages of collaborating with other Skyview system owners / operators within our region to share our weather information with each other. Although logging onto each other’s sites provide the information we needed it was time consuming and to enable us to respond more quickly to patients with life threatening conditions we needed a faster means of accessing real time regional weather information.

We discussed our needs with Skyview and explained how quicker access to shared weather information could help us reach patients even quicker and Skyview embraced the challenge and developed a new ‘Partner Weather’ section within their web-based SkylinkPro system. With this our service and fellow Skyview weather station operators we partner with now have the ability, with a single click, of a mouse to see the essential weather elements of all sites we partner with on a single page or, if we prefer, the detailed weather information at each individual site.” Nigel Hare, Operations Director, Devon Air Ambulance Trust