RiverRidge Keep An Eye on the Weather with Skyview

When RiverRidge needed a weather monitoring solution to help them protect the local community, minimise disruption and to comply with legal waste permit requirements, they called on the services of Skyview Systems.

With over 26 years’ experience in the waste sector alone and systems installed on some 360 waste sites nationwide, Skyview’s weather monitoring system allows RiverRidge to measure a variety of factors.

Rainfall and water run-off measurements, for example, allows RiverRidge to avoid harmful particles such as leachates; wind speed and direction monitoring allow for effective odour and dust control; and temperature and barometric pressure measurement enable staff to monitor the release of potentially dangerous landfill gas.


A market leader in weather software, Suffolk-based Skyview also welcomed RiverRidge on-board as subscribers to its ground-breaking web-based weather monitoring service, Skylink-pro.

Skylink-pro is an innovative web-based weather information site which enables RiverRidge to view real-time data gathered from their Skyview installed weather station directly to their own dedicated Skylink-pro web platform.

With careful consultation, RiverRidge pin-pointed exactly the data they required, from historical data to site-specific forecasting, to wind-rose mapping, and the team at Skyview set the Skylink-pro system to deliver the exact information required.

Email alerts warn the RiverRidge team of any problems with the weather station itself, and programmed alarms will alert staff to any hazardous changes in weather to enable them to take any necessary action.

Staff can view data from any internet-enabled PC, as well as the individual PC running the transmitting software, to make crucial, timely and well-informed site decisions.

With Skyview’s expert guidance and experience, RiverRidge can consistently ensure that any disruption to the local community is minimal, whilst meeting legislative standards.

“We at RiverRidge have landfill, waste treatment and transport divisions all operating in an exposed environment which can be heavily affected by weather conditions,” says Chris Fillis, RiverRidge Project Manager.

“The Skyview weather system provides us with detailed and concise information, which is easily accessible online. We use the system every day, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for an effective weather station solution.”

As published in Sustainable Ireland April 3, 2017