Ørsted UK’s Renescience Project - Green Energy from Waste

Reducing carbon emissions and working with likeminded companies to do the same is a mission close to our hearts here at Skyview. With global levels of waste expected to reach 2.59 billion tonnes by 2030, the urgent need to find environmentally-friendly waste management solutions is greater than ever. We were delighted to partner Ørsted UK on the Renescience project - the first of its kind to commercially use enzymes that convert household waste into green energy.  

About Ørsted UK

Headquartered in Denmark, Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants, and provides energy products to its customers. Formerly Dong Energy, Ørsted’s vision for a world that is run entirely on green energy is one that we champion.

Renescience, the world’s first bio plant, opened in 2017 and uses innovative technologies to separate household waste into recyclables and turn it into green energy using enzymes, mechanical sorting, recycled water and anaerobic digestion. The plant treats up to 120,000 tons of waste per year from 110,000 UK homes and recovers 95% of recyclable materials.

The Challenge

Complying with strict site permit rules is crucial to waste site operators and as the first project of its kind, the Renescience team places environmental protection and legal compliance firmly at the top of its priority list. Permit-specific assessments, including a detailed Odour Management Plan, are a legal necessity to demonstrate to the Environment Agency and other regulatory bodies that any potential detrimental environment impact is being monitored, managed and reduced where possible. Assessing weather conditions, in particular wind speed is vital in managing the impact of odour on the local community.

Our Solution

After a detailed consultation and site assessment, our Skyview engineers were tasked with supplying, installing and commissioning a wireless weather station, along with supporting software to allow analysis of current and historical data. We were delighted to welcome the team at Renescience onboard as subscribers to our real-time Skylink-pro.com online weather monitoring portal - where users can custom-build their own modular-based weather portal to include features such as wind-rose mapping, wind alarms and lightening data - based on their sector-specific monitoring requirements.   

By combining all of the above with Skyview’s servicing, maintenance, calibration and rescue agreement - the team can be assured of accurate weather data, any time, from anywhere.