LB-15184 Rain[e] Weighing Precipitation Sensor

  • Lambrecht’s latest rain gauge combines advanced weighing technology with a self-emptying precision tipping bucket resulting in the Rain[e]. The instruments high resolution and precision can be seen even at the smallest of precipitation volumes.

    The Rain[e]’s all metal housing make it robust and weatherproof resulting in straight forward installation and maintenance. Multiple signal output options can be utilised to set up new rainfall networks or to extend an existing measurement system.

    The rain[e] is available in a number of professional options including the rain[e]400 with a 400cm2 collection area and the rain[e]H3 with electronically regulated heating ring designed especially for extreme cold climates.

    • Amazing resolution and accuracy
    • Compact and robust construction with very low overall weight
    • All metal housing, weatherproof and durable
    • Connectivity by several interfaces
    • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Product Variants Description
    00.15184.000000 rain[e] 200cm2 Precipitation Sensor
    00.15184.004000 rain[e]400 400cm2 Precipitation Sensor
    00.15184.540020 rain[e]H3 Cold Climate Precipitation Sensor
    00.15184.010000 rain[e]LP Low Power Precipitation Sensor
    00.15184.000100 rain[e]Modbus Precipitation Sensor

    Data Sheet – rain[e] Overview

     Data Sheet - Rain[e]

    Data Sheet – Rain[e]400

    Data Sheet – Rain[e]LP