Beam 6x Fixed-LiDAR

  • The leading six-beam fixed-LiDAR offering on the market. With five inclined rays and one vertical ray, the Halo Photonics Streamline Beam 6x offers full-area data coverage up to 500m surrounding turbines. It features an outstanding data availability with a high resolution of 190 gates.

    The Beam 6x is transportable and quick to deploy making it the most versatile mast replacement wind profiler on the market.

    • Scan configuration options:
      • Conventional VAD
      • VAD and vertical
      • Tip/tilt logged for each ray
    • Includes a vertical beam
    • Overlapping and range gate flexibility with 6 beams: 5 inclined beams at 60° elevation and 1 vertical
    • 5-beam and 1 vertical, allowing additional processing
    • Range: 30m to 500m
    • Heights: 190, at 2.6m intervals
    • Output: Raw line of sight data (radial velocity and SNR), processed wind speed and direction, 10-minute average with filtering
    • Can be deployed in ambient operating temperatures of -20°C to 45°C
    • Weight: 60kg
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 87 cm x 74 cm x 84cm