Amusement parks and visitor attractions remain a much-loved pastime in the UK, and continue to attract millions of thrill-seekers every year.  The majority of UK theme parks are home to huge steel structures of mind-blowing height – and attractions such as the London Eye and Spinnaker Tower show off British architecture and construction at its very best. 

UK summers are notoriously unpredictable and visitors can be enjoying blazing sunshine one minute and running for cover the next with a moment’s notice.  The impact of sudden high winds, lightning and heavy downpours need to be managed and carefully planned for. Skyview’s weather systems are designed to monitor second-by-second real time weather conditions, and provide instantaneous weather data – to enable engineers on site to react immediately to changes in the weather to avoid specific dangers.  Weather monitoring and assessing remain a fundamental requirement to ensure visitor safety and to comply with rigorous health and safety regulation.  The reoccurrence of incidents at theme parks means that visitor safety has never been higher on the agenda.

As the UK’s leading weather monitoring company, Skyview Systems has been enabling safe operations in the UK and Europe for over 25 years. We take our role in protecting the safety of millions of visitors very seriously and we are proud that our systems serve to protect over 15 million visitors every year to the UK leisure industry alone.

The Benefits of a Skyview System

Skyview understands that no two theme parks or visitor attractions are ever the same. Our expert engineers undertake a detailed site survey to evaluate all of the key factors relating to each individual site or attraction.

A Skyview weather system allows parks and visitor attractions to implement a severe weather response plan and comply with health and safety laws and procedures. Alarms allow early warning when conditions are hazardous so staff can act swiftly increasing efficiency for safeguarding visitors.

A centralised data service delivered via Skylink-Pro increases accessibility to key information along with the ability to analyse data comprehensively using unique Skyview software.

Regular service visits by Skyview ensures that all monitoring equipment is functioning correctly to avoid costly breakdowns and down time of attractions.

Legislation and Insurance

Our systems and associated software allow for the stringent monitoring required by strict UK and European legislation and for insurance purposes.

The insurers that we approached agreed that theme park operators are expected to comply with The Health & Safety Executive "Fairgrounds and amusement parks - Guidance on safe practice" in relation to weather monitoring.

Skyview Systems can provide you with the most effective systems to fulfil these legislative requirements and feel reassured that you are providing the safest environment for your customers to enjoy.