CE376 – Micro LiDAR

  • The CE376 is the latest compact, eyesafe backscatter LiDAR, featuring outstanding performance for the automated continuous monitoring of aerosols.

    It operates in the visible (green) and/or in the near-infrared (NIR) with options for depolarisation channels for enhanced aerosol characterisation.

    The rugged, fully-integrated system operates without shutdown, any human attendance, authorisation, nor maintenance. With its thermal enclosure, the LiDAR can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

    The CE376 is particularly easy to install (indoor or outdoor), to transport and even to use onboard a vehicle or a plane.

    It is therefore, the perfect solution to monitor industrial dust emissions, urban pollution, volcanic ashes, and all type of aerosol particles.

    • Aerosol measurements up to 18 km in darkness (9 km by day time)
    • Very short blind zone (< 100 m) with an overlap from 1 km
    • Real-time “quicklook” visualisation
    • Automatic extinction and backscattering profiles
    • High stability and low maintenance
    • Aerosol characterisation for each layer and stratification analysis
    • Planet Boundary Layer (PBL) detection
    • Easy transportation : Outdoor / indoor / mobile operation
    • 1 License of LiDAR control software on a USB key