LB-15190 PreLOG Data Logger

  • The PreLOG is a compact rain data logger suitable for use with precipitation sensors with a tipping bucket and reed switch output. In addition, the PreLOG can be used as an independent pulse counter.

    The rechargeable battery of the PreLOG allows a reliable operation of up to 5 years. The logger can be configured, data read viewed and device charged via a mini-USB interface. The communication of PreLOG via GPRS can be carried out with a modem, this data transfer method also allows the device to send alarm messages.

    • Cost-effective solution for storage and the manual readout of rainfall data
    • Waterproof and low-maintenance
    • User-friendly software
    • Sampling mode: event-based recording (no zero values)
    • Maximum of readings: 65535
    • Integrated intensity correction for Lambrecht precipitation sensors LB-15189 (can be deactivated)
  • Product Variants Description
    00.15190.000000 PreLOG One-Channel Data Logger
    00.15190.010000 PreLOG ECO

    Data Sheet – LB-15190 PreLOG Data Logger