LB-15188 Precipitation Sensor

  • The weighing precipitation sensors LB-15188 stands up to comparison with others in its class. Modern tipping and heating technologies guarantee high reliability, precision and minimal evaporation influences. The measuring system of the precipitation sensor empties itself and registers; thus over-flowing is impossible. The 4 cm³ (4 g water) bucket with large volume has been constructed especially for extreme precipitation incidents, e. g. tropical rainstorms or longer recording intervals.

    • Smooth running tipping bucket bearings
    • High resolution
    • Easy installation
    • Maintenance-free electronics
    • Fine, high-quality, weather-proof materials
  • Product Variants Description
    00.15188.002000 Precipitation Sensor
    00.15188.002050 ++ Analog Precipitation Sensor
    00.15188.202000 Heated Precipitation Sensor
    00.15188.202050 H++ Analog Heated Precipitation Sensor