With innovative environmental meteorological measurement and observation systems and services, Vaisala have been helping to predict the unpredictable for decades. Extensive knowledge of meteorological applications coupled with a vast experience in observation technology has allowed Vaisala to build a worldwide presence. As a local supplier Skyview provide Vaisala advanced sensor technology for monitoring, detecting and forecasting hazardous weather events.


HUMICAP Humidity & Temperature Probe

The HMP155 T/H Probe provides reliable humidity and temperature measurement. Its solid structure and Teflon filter gives maximum protection, designed for demanding outdoor applications.


BAROCAP Digital Barometer

The PTB330 is a new generation barometer designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement suited to aviation, professional meteorology, and demanding industrial applications.

PWD22 / 52

Present Weather Detector

The PWD series of present weather sensors offer perfect solutions for a variety of visibility measurement applications and precipitation type detection. For example in road weather, waterway visibility measurement and meteorological weather stations.


Visibility Sensor

Designed according to ICAO, FAA and WMO guidelines, the FS11 is an ideal instrument for Runway Visual Range assessment and airport visibility measurement, as well as other demanding applications.



The Vaisala Ceilometer CL31 is a compact and lightweight instrument for cloud base height and vertical visibility measurements. It is able to detect three could layers simultaneously. The CL31 is ideal for aviation as well as meteorological applications where reliable detection of clouds is essential.


Hi-Range Ceilometer

CL51 is designed to measure high range cirrus clouds without surpassing the low and middle layer clouds, or vertical visibility in harsh conditions. Cloud reporting range up to 43,000 ft and backscatter profiling over full measurement range up to 49,200 ft.


Ceilometer - Discontinued

With over 1,000 installed worldwide, the Vaisala CT25K is a field-proven and popular laser ceilometer. This product is no longer manufactured by Vaisala and we suggest use of the CL31. However, we can support this equipment and supply any spare parts as necessary.


Vaisala Weather Transmitter

The WXT520 measures the six most essential weather parameters; wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity in one fully integrated instrument with no moving parts. Please note the WXT520 replaces WXT510.