Industrial Displays

Local read out on dedicated displays is often required within several Met-applications. Non dependant on Windows based software critical Met-parameters can be indicated on the Obsermet display units. Observator instruments offer the most complete display line available.


True & Relative Wind Display

The OMC-131 is a true and relative wind display which is suitable for 19"rack mounting and is used on many sea going vessels, ferries and FPSO's. The unit is capable of reading in two wind sensors, which is more a less a naval requirement having a port side and star board sensor.


Advanced Wind Display

The OMC-137 advanced wind display was specially designed for aviation purposes. Besides the standard wind parameters this display also indicates Numeric wind direction, Maximum wind speed, Average wind speed and Minimum wind speed.


Wind Display

The OMC-138 is the standard wind display for land applications and fixed offshore objects. The display can be provided with industrial standard outputs either as standard or as option an (4..20 mA). Initially designed for use with the OMC-160 wind sensor but nowadays works with several sensors.


Marine Wind Display

The OMC-139 is a marine wind display for indication of relative wind speed and direction. This display can read information from several wind speed and direction sensors and as standard is provided with a NMEA0183 output.


Wind display, Logger and Alarm Unit

The Obsermet OMC-146 is a panel PC based solution for the indication, storage and retrieval of wind information. It is installed with several digital 0/1 outputs mainly used as alarms on pre-set wind thresholds.


Multifunctional Display

The OMC-934 is a DIN 144 instrument for the display of up to four parameters. The instrument is provided with a facility to use interchangeable legends making it one of the most flexible MET displays on the market.


Meteo Display

The OMC-938 digital weather display is specially designed for easy to read out wind speeds, wind direction and four other parameters. No additional control units are required when used with OMC wind sensors, most other common sensors can be interfaced to the display.


Shipborne Met Display

The OMC-939 indicates local wind information and has the possibility for the display of four additional parameters. The instrument is provided with a facility to use interchangeable legends making it suitable for a wide range of applications.