Data Loggers

Latest released data logger, the OMC-045 GPRS Logger, has already been credited as the most innovative product at several exhibitions. Available in several executions to meet market requirements. Most popular are the OMC-045-Q which is used to read in an YSI quality probe, the OMC-045-R for precipitation and the OMC-045-L for measurement of (ground) water measurements. Other loggers are available within the OBSERMET range.


One channel GPRS Logger

The OMC-040 GPRS data logger is a small, ultra-low power logger with built-in GPRS modem. The unit is perfectly suited for groundwater monitoring purposes. Because of its small size (40mm diameter) the logger fits inside most wells.


GPRS Logger

The OMC-045-IIII GPRS Logger is a small, low power, high-end logger with build-in GPRS modem. This logger is fitted with a built in GPS receiver, internal humidity and temperature sensor, 2 GB memory card and an easy access SIM card slot.


Signal Conditioning Unit

The signal conditioning units OMC-182/183/184 are multi-purpose instruments for combining serial and analogue sensor signals into one serial signal RS422 and/or RS232. The units are often used in combination with the OMC-938/939 displays


Modular Datalogger

The unit comes as standard with analogue, digital and serial inputs and can be extended with several I/O modules to create a customized station. The OMC-303 comes in a standard housing for DIN-rail mounting and can be used within low powered stations.


Data Logger PLC

The OMC-2650 Data Logger / PLC, was specially designed for water management applications. This low power Data Logger / PLC can be provided with a program in order to control weirs, pumping stations and other objects used within water management environments.