Biral is a UK based designer and manufacturer of instruments for weather measurements. Skyview pride ourselves on providing the best instrument to meet customers' requirements and have installed Biral sensors world-wide. Please feel free to contact us with any requirements you may have.


Visibility Sensor

Suitable for use in applications where visibility, fog and other obstructions to vision must be measured. Using an infra-red light source and intelligent sensing technology measurements are unaffected by other light-sources.


Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

The SWS-100 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor with a measuring range up to 2 km (1.2 miles) is designed to detect snow, rain, drizzle, fog and haze on roads and in tunnels. With both digital and analogue outputs; as well as relays for switching external equipment.


Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

Similar to the SWS-100 but with a longer measurement range plus rainfall amount and temperature measurements. The SWS-200 Present Weather Sensor is a cost effective solution for measuring visibility and present weather.


Visibility, Present & Past Weather Sensor

The most advanced Present Weather sensor in the SWS range the SWS-250 provides 39 of the most important WMO table 4680 present weather codes. Optimised for use in applications where both visibility and extended present and past weather information is required.


HSS Visibility Sensor - Digital Output

The HSS VPF-710 Visibility Sensor is suitable for use in systems where a digital output for logging is required. This sensor has sophisticated levels of self-test for remote monitoring and is designed for use on airports, helipads and offshore weather stations.


HSS Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

The HSS VPF-730 Visibility and Present Weather Sensor is the best combined visibility sensor on the market today. It is one of a kind, being the only sensor using forward scatter meter technology to measure both visibility and precipitation data without an external sensor input.


Thunderstorm Detector

Skyview’s most sophisticated lightning detector the BTD-300 is a standalone sensor that reliably detects the presence of all forms of lightning to a range of 83 km. Using unique quasi electrostatic technology the thunderstorm detector has an extremely low false alarm rate.